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    Latest News - HS&E Test is Changing from 26th June 2019

    These changes are being made to make the test even more robust so that operatives can continue to be safe on the job and to know that their fellow workers are just as qualified to contribute to a safe working environment.

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  • Training for the construction industry

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    There have been many changes and updates within the construction industry over the past 12 months, with many more changes on the way. From the new CPCS A77 category to the new LEVY rates and CITB ATO Status, please take a look at our news page and see if any of the changes affect you or your company.

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  • Training for the construction industry

    NVQ Information

    When it comes to NVQ's, CITP Ltd hold direct claims status which means we can achieve your NVQ without waiting for the awarding body to sign this off. This means the wait for your card is reduced considerably from that of a company without DCS (Direct Claims Status). We also guarantee to beat any like for like quote, providing you are able to supply any other quote on request.


    *These offers exclude any funded NVQ's.

NVQ Plant Operations Process

cpcs nvq blue card                    

Thank you for choosing CITP Ltd to enquire about your NVQ. The attached document endeavours to explain the NVQ service that we provide. It can seem like quite a complex process; however it really is straight forward.

Introduction to Construction Industry Training Providers Ltd
CITP Ltd provides exceptional training solutions in the construction industry. The company has grown through the outstanding service that we provide to all of our customers and we specialise in the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) and NVQ in Plant Operations.

Health and Safety
As you would expect Health and Safety is taken very seriously at CITP Ltd and it is a strong element of all of
our courses. Candidates will need to have passed the CITB Touchscreen Health and Safety Test before accessing any of our courses.

Where our assessors come out to visit you on your site please arrange a Health and Safety briefing. If you have any concerns or questions about Health and Safety, please contact us on 01189 700200.

Equal Opportunities
CITP strives to ensure there are no barriers to accessing our training or achieving the qualifications. We have excellent success rates and will support all candidates to achieve their qualification.

If you have any questions about Equal Opportunities, please contact the us on 01189 700200.

Red Trained Operator Card moving to Blue Competence Card
To obtain your CPCS Red Trained Operator Card candidates must complete these steps:

  1. CITB Touchscreen Health and Safety Test
  2. CPCS Theory Test
  3. CPCS Practical Test

After successfully completing your theory and practical test CPCS will issue a red Trained Operator Card this card lasts for 2 years. A logbook is no longer issued with a red card. Candidates upgrade to a blue card by completing an NVQ with no need to record 300 hours until you have gained your blue card .

Blue Competence Card and the NVQ
It is best for candidates to register for an NVQ 12 – 18 months after completing the red cards tests. They can then begin collecting evidence for the NVQ straight away so there is no last minute rush.

Renewing your Blue Competence Card
After 5 years your blue card will expire and you will need to take the blue card renewal test or renew via one of the alternative routes. Please ask for more information.

Funding may be available to candidates who do not have an NVQ Level 2 or higher qualification already. CITP Ltd can arrange all the paperwork for you so that there is no cost to you for the qualification.

NVQ Traditional Route
CITP Ltd manages the OSAT NVQ process so it is as straightforward as possible. Most NVQs for Red Cardholders are completed as per the steps below.

  • Induction and Skillmatch
  • Assessors visits candidate on site (additional training if required)
  • Assessor visits candidate on site

Assessor visits are to observe the candidate doing their job and are designed to cause as little disruption to your work as possible.

CITB Grant payment
For CITB levy payers there are grants available for successful completion of the NVQ in Plant Operations and additional plant units. Please contact us and one of our CITB levy advisors to confirm current payment amounts.

For further information or to book an NVQ Induction, please contact a member of staff on 01189 700200.