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    Latest News - HS&E Test is Changing from 26th June 2019

    These changes are being made to make the test even more robust so that operatives can continue to be safe on the job and to know that their fellow workers are just as qualified to contribute to a safe working environment.

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  • Training for the construction industry

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    There have been many changes and updates within the construction industry over the past 12 months, with many more changes on the way. From the new CPCS A77 category to the new LEVY rates and CITB ATO Status, please take a look at our news page and see if any of the changes affect you or your company.

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  • Training for the construction industry

    NVQ Information

    When it comes to NVQ's, CITP Ltd hold direct claims status which means we can achieve your NVQ without waiting for the awarding body to sign this off. This means the wait for your card is reduced considerably from that of a company without DCS (Direct Claims Status). We also guarantee to beat any like for like quote, providing you are able to supply any other quote on request.


    *These offers exclude any funded NVQ's.

CPCS Resources

We have a variety of resources that will aid you in furthering your knowledge in the construction industry. These links are resources that are held on the Construction Skills website and these will help with your course and also help you pass your theory test & practical test.

If you require additional information or help in ensuring you get the right construction training materials you need; give us a call today 01189 700200. We will ensure you get the right information and resources needed to give you the best chance at success.

CPCS Blue Card Renewals

Renewal Test Factsheet

CPCS Module Matcher


CPCS Onsite Assessments

Categories A02 to A40 only

Categories A41 to A74 inc. D90


CPCS Logbook

Downloadable Logbook (A5 size pages)

How to fill in your CPCS Logbook leaflet

Supplementary Logbook pages for Training/Testing and Assessment Records 

CPCS validation checklist 

CPCS Category Information 


CPCS Practical Tests – Advanced

Advanced Practical Tests for A02 – A40

Advanced Practical Tests for A41 – A78 inc D90, D91 and D92


CPCS Practical Tests – Standard

Standard Practical Tests for A02 – A40

Standard Practical Tests for A41 – A78 inc D90, D91 and D92


CPCS Theory Test Questions

Theory Test Questions for A02 – A40

Theory Test Questions for A41 – A78 inc D90, D91 and D92


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