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    Latest News - HS&E Test is Changing from 26th June 2019

    These changes are being made to make the test even more robust so that operatives can continue to be safe on the job and to know that their fellow workers are just as qualified to contribute to a safe working environment.

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  • Training for the construction industry

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    There have been many changes and updates within the construction industry over the past 12 months, with many more changes on the way. From the new CPCS A77 category to the new LEVY rates and CITB ATO Status, please take a look at our news page and see if any of the changes affect you or your company.

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  • Training for the construction industry

    NVQ Information

    When it comes to NVQ's, CITP Ltd hold direct claims status which means we can achieve your NVQ without waiting for the awarding body to sign this off. This means the wait for your card is reduced considerably from that of a company without DCS (Direct Claims Status). We also guarantee to beat any like for like quote, providing you are able to supply any other quote on request.


    *These offers exclude any funded NVQ's.

CSCS Cards & Testing

CITP Ltd is an accredited CITB Health, Safety and Environment 'Touch-Screen-Test' centre. If you wish to apply for, or renew a CSCS Card, booking and passing the HS&E test is the first step you will need to take.

The ultimate aim of this test is to examine a candidates' knowledge of a broad range of key aspects of health and safety, which will in turn improve safety and general productivity on construction sites in the UK. To obtain a trade-specifc CSCS card, be it a Green Labourer, Blue Skilled Worker, Gold Supervisor or Black Manager card, candidates must also demonstrate their occupational competence by completing the relevant NVQ.

This official certification scheme applies to all Site Operatives, Supervisors and Managers as well as plant operatives. Whatever professional position you or your employees are in, the CSCS Card is essential.

Health and Safety is key to any organisation and it is imperative that everyone understands the health and safety procedures during specific events. Our role is to provide just that. We ensure all participants in our construction training courses get the necessary information so they are safe at the workplace. This isn't only to keep the participants safe; they are also able to ensure that the workplace is safe for others.

CSCS’ role is to provide a scheme for the construction industry that confirms site workers’ training and qualifications. Many site workers who are carrying out skilled occupations have been applying for the green CSO card as the easiest route to gain access to construction sites.

This makes it difficult for contractors to use CSCS cards as a reliable method of checking that site workers have the appropriate skills to work on construction sites safely and effectively.

If you have a green CSO card that expires after 1st July 2014, you will need to provide evidence that you have achieved one of the following:

  • QCF/SCQF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment*


  • One day Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness Course

Our CITB accredited Health & Safety Awareness  course is priced at £225.00 + VAT per candidate inclusive of exam/publications. We also include the CITB HS&E Operatives test and apply for the Green CSCS 'Labourer' card upon completion, making us one of the most competitively priced centres in the UK.

Bookings can be made via or by calling 01189 700200.

Please click to view the different types of CSCS cards available.

The CITB Health, safety & environment (HS&E) test helps to raise standards across the industry and ensures workers have a minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness before going on site.

The HS&E test should be used as a stepping stone for employers and their workforce to develop their knowledge even further.

The HS&E test

All tests last for 45 minutes and have 50 multiple-choice questions including:

  • 12 behavioural case study questions about how you should behave on a construction site to stay safe.
  • 38 knowledge questions to check your awareness of health, safety and environment issues:

Different tests have been developed to meet the demands of different trades and professions. You will need to make sure that you take and prepare for the right one.

If you are taking the CITB Health, safety and environment test to gain a card for access to construction sites please ensure you have checked the scheme requirements to apply for a card to ensure you are booking the correct level of test. Please click here for information on different card schemes available.

Types of HS&E Touch Screen Tests Offered:

  • Operatives (Ops Test)

  • Specialist Supervisors (SPVRS Test)

  • Managerial & Professional (MAP Test)

Revision material can be obtained:

  • Online through CITB

  • Through high street or online bookshops

  • Through your Apple or Android app store