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    Latest News - HS&E Test is Changing from 26th June 2019

    These changes are being made to make the test even more robust so that operatives can continue to be safe on the job and to know that their fellow workers are just as qualified to contribute to a safe working environment.

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  • Training for the construction industry

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    There have been many changes and updates within the construction industry over the past 12 months, with many more changes on the way. From the new CPCS A77 category to the new LEVY rates and CITB ATO Status, please take a look at our news page and see if any of the changes affect you or your company.

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  • Training for the construction industry

    NVQ Information

    When it comes to NVQ's, CITP Ltd hold direct claims status which means we can achieve your NVQ without waiting for the awarding body to sign this off. This means the wait for your card is reduced considerably from that of a company without DCS (Direct Claims Status). We also guarantee to beat any like for like quote, providing you are able to supply any other quote on request.


    *These offers exclude any funded NVQ's.

Latest News

Planned changes to the HS&E test

More improvements will be made to the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test on 26 June 2019. These changes are being made to make the test even more robust so that operatives can continue to be safe on the job, and know that their fellow workers are just as qualified to contribute to a safe working environment. Employers can also have the assurance that their qualified workforce is less likely to lose days to injuries on the job.

What is changing on 26 June 2019

The CITB HS&E test will be revised in several ways. Details of what will be changed are below.

Up to date with current practice and legislation

All versions of the test have been reviewed, and where applicable the questions have been updated to keep up with current legislation.

The Operatives test in particular will have a substantial update to better reflect the range of day to day tasks and responsibilities an operative has on a site.

CITB has worked with construction health and safety managers and trainers with years of hands-on experience in making these changes, so that the revised HS&E test is up-to-date and fit for the needs of workers and employers.

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CSCS announce plans to withdraw Industry Accreditation

For several years the strategic direction of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has focused on ensuring that all applicants can demonstrate the achievement of a nationally recognised construction related qualification.

With the introduction of the Labourer card, the withdrawal of the Construction Related Occupation card and the planned removal of the Site Visitor card the next step is the withdrawal of cards issued under Industry Accreditation.

Industry Accreditation, also known as Grandfather Rights, allowed workers to obtain CSCS cards on the strength of an employers’ recommendation rather than the achievement of a recognised qualification. CSCS closed Industry Accreditation to new applicants in 2010 but those already holding a card are currently able to renew on the same basis.

CSCS has consulted with the industry and agreed a plan that will pave the way for the eventual withdrawal of cards issued under Industry Accreditation.
From 1st January 2020, all cards renewed under Industry Accreditation will expire on 31st December 2024 and CSCS will stop issuing the card from 30th June 2024.

Graham Wren, Chief Executive at CSCS said: “Following the closure of the Construction Related Occupation card and the Construction Site Visitor Card, cards gained by Industry Accreditation are the only cards in the CSCS scheme which do not require the cardholder to achieve a recognised qualification. Industry Accreditation does not support industry’s desire for a fully qualified workforce and as such it will be withdrawn.”

What each of the 60,000 Industry Accreditation card holders need to do next depends on their occupation and any qualifications they may already hold. Those without qualifications will be required to register for the appropriate qualification for their occupation before their cards expire in 2024.

Visit to find out what steps you need to take to replace a card issued under Industry Accreditation.

CITB Sells CPCS scheme

citb logoThe CITB has agreed to sell its Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) to NOCN Group, one of the sector’s largest Awarding Organisations (AO). 

The move comes as part of CITB’s Vision 2020 programme of reform to better meet the demands of British construction. CITB will take on a more strategic and influential role focusing on securing the right training mix, high standards and quality assurance, building employer confidence in the market.

The transition is expected to happen in two phases with completion expected by August 2019, subject to all parties being ready. This will ensure a smooth changeover of systems and processes with minimal disruption to colleagues and customers.


Have you signed up for CITB grants online?

You can now see the grants you have received by signing up to CITB online.


NEW CPCS A77 Telehandler Slew, replacing the A17D Telehandler Slew.............

From 28th March 2018 onwards the CPCS A17D category (telescopic handler including 360 slew) is being retired from the scheme. In it’s place will be the A77 category (Telescopic handler 360 slew), the new standard includes working tasks around hoist rope/ winch use which are not currently within the standard for A17D.

The A77 category has also been further enhanced to cover travelling with suspended loads, and therefore will not require a separate (A17E) endorsement under this category.

How will this affect me?

-existing cardholders with the A17D category will need to complete a transitional (A89) CPCS assessment to retain the 360 slew category. The assessment primarily involves a series of lift chart related theory questions, followed by a practical assessment on the winch attachment.

What does the A77 test involve?

New entrants sitting the A77 test will have a theory test that incorporates some 101 questions. The theory test, which is CPCS’ largest to date, combines the majority of questions from the A17 Telescopic handler and A17E Suspended load test.

The practical test also incorporates the standard telescopic handler and suspended load test, with the addition of a number of hoist rope activities.

What are CPCS’ reasons for making these changes?

A review was undertaken due to the nature in which the slew types have evolved since the Telescopic Handler category was first introduced many years ago, which were then predominately only used for fork use, but are now increasingly being used as ‘a crane’ with a drum hoist and rope.

Booking a test

CITP Ltd are one of the few CPCS test centres able to deliver this category. If you would like more information or would like to book a course please contact us now - 01189 700200.


citb approved logo

We are really pleased to announce that CITP has been given Approved Training Organisation Status (ATO) status by the CITB.

What does this mean?

This means that you can be confident that you are getting the best training possible from our expert trainers, whilst here at the centre. The CITB is changing the way it supports training for the construction industry. They are creating a list of training standards which come into effect from April. In doing this all training providers must now gain CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status.

What is a CITB Approved Training Organisation – ATO?

ATO stands for Approved Training Organisation.

CITB have established ATO status to ensure trainers are delivering construction training courses and qualifications to a defined and industry-agreed standard. Informing consumers that the training provider is authorised to give training and is compliant with the CITB standard.

The CITB is launching new services for both training bodies and employers. These services will provide a single place for employers to:

•    Find industry approved training.
•    Search for their employee’s training achievements.
•    Receive automated grant payments to employers.

We are working closely with the CITB to ensure our training is to the highest standard. All of this combined assists businesses and employees to get the most from their training and helps track individual’s training qualifications.


CSCS Withdraw CRO card from Scheme........................

construction related occupation card

From the 31st of March 2017 the CSCS will stop issuing the cards and any cards that were issued since the 1st October 2015 will expire on the 30th September 2017.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) have withdrawn the CRO card, meaning holders may need to register for an existing or newly developed qualification, or they may even be asked to move on to one of CSCS’ Partner Card Schemes depending on their occupation. CSCS have introduced a card finder that allows you to put in your occupation to find the right steps to take. Not replacing your card will ultimately mean you won’t be able to get another CSCS card. For more information visit our CSCS page or contact us on 01189 700 200.



With effect from January 19th 2015 this category has  been amended to add endorsements against a range of lifting equipment types to cover the increased use of slingers for a wider variety of lifting operations.

The endorsements are:

A – All Types – all duties

B – All Types – static duties

C – Knuckle boom static only

D – Excavator only

E – Lift truck only

The number of learning outcomes have increased and these include key requirements for marshalling of plant, controlling loads during pick-and-carry duties and knowledge of when additional skills for particular lifting operations are required.

CITP Ltd can offer training and testing on endorsements A and B with 2, 3 and 4 days courses dependant on candidates previous experience.

Existing Card Holders

Those holding the non-endorsed category of A40 will automatically be awarded A40B – All types – Static Duties. 

Cardholders seeking A40A – All types – All duties will need to undertake pick-and carry-specific theory questions (A95). The test consists of 25 questions with a test duration allowed of 20 minutes.

For a fully inclusive fee of £150 + VAT per person, CITP Ltd are providing training and testing to existing A40 cardholders wishing to upgrade to endorsement A40A.



CITP Ltd have been asked to become associate members of the Oxfordshire Construction Training Group. This is a very proud moment for CITP  as the OCTG have been operating for a number of years and have many group members
The Oxfordshire construction training group

The Group was formed in the August of 1994. This was in direct collaboration with the then CITB, now Construction Skills, who also still remain strong supporters and sponsors of the group.

The aim of the Group is to provide a meaningful forum for open discussion, whereby common staff learning and development needs exist, in turn providing local, high quality, economical solutions, designed to address all Group Member needs.


This includes ongoing development to meet requirements in the areas of:

Business & Training Planning
Management & Supervisory
Health & Safety
Craft & Technician Apprenticeships; Operatives
Graduate Development
For more information on becoming group members, please contact David Holbrook on 07836369532.

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