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  • Training for the construction industry

    Skills & Training fund

    Did you know that CITB registered SME employers with up to 99 employees can apply for funding of up to £10,000 to cover the cost of their short duration courses? This includes any Site Safety Plus courses. Employers can submit one claim every 12 months.

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  • Training for the construction industry

    The first phase of the changes being made by CITB will see new standards introduced for the following:

    Excavator 360, above 10 tonnes (tracked), Forward tipping dumper (wheeled), Rear tipping dumper/ dump truck: articulated chassis (all sizes), Ride on Roller, Telescopic handler: all sizes excluding 360 slew, Industrial forklift, Plant and Vehicle Marshaller, Slinger, Signaller: all types, all duties

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  • Training for the construction industry

    CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

    As a CITB Approved Training Organisation, as well as the automatic claims for CPCS courses and NVQ's, we can now claim on your behalf for NPORS and In-house courses. The rates are tiered in the same way the CPCS courses are. For more information give one of our sales team a call on 01189700200 or...

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Training Guidance

Please see below. This table will allow you to self-assess the required number of years' or hours' experience you will need to help achieve qualification in the CPCS technical tests. It will also help you gauge the required number of training days you will require, should you not hold any experience as such. If you have limited or no experience on the category of plant required, CITP Ltd will offer training on any of the approved plant categories below. If you already have two years’ experience, you have the option of taking the CPCS technical tests only, however we always advise you have some form of training. This could be a day of refresher training, covering the theory side of the course and raising any bad habits you may have picked up or we can offer a half day session covering the theory aspect of the course only. For novice candidates, they would need to attend the full training course. We are happy to discuss your training needs and quote on the best options available for your specific requirements and budget. We also offer all CPCS tester qualifications on the categories listed below.

If you are at all interested in any of the construction training courses available from CITP, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01189 700200. One of our professional tutors will be on hand to provide you the information you need on the courses we have available. No matter if it is CPCS, NPORS or Site Safety Plus training that you require; we have the best courses and trainers available. From qcf health and safety level 1 courses to a range of excavator, abrasive wheels, gantry crane and slinger and signaller training services; we are sure to have the course that suits your needs.

We take into account the range of abilities and experience of the applicants that go through our extensive construction training courses and this is why we dedicate a set number of training days that are required for different stages of experience. Our team of professional trainers and mentors will ensure you get through the course and that you learn everything you need to. All participants will leave with the skills and knowledge they need to efficiently work within the construction industry. The tutors we employ ensure that the construction training is provided to the highest standard and to your level of experience. From a range of abrasive wheels training to CPCS Vehicle Banksman / Marshall training; we provide a wide range of courses that are made to meet employees and employers requirements. Some of our many courses even train you on managerial roles so if you are looking at becoming a manager or need to further your knowledge as a manager, we have the solution.

Contact us today if you would like to go through your own construction training requirements with us. We have a specialist team of trainers that will provide you with a high quality service for all your construction training requirements. Below you can see a list of courses we provide, from slinger training to excavator training, we have them all listed below with the duration of the course dependent on any previous experience.

Code / Name
Number of Training Days Required Novice
(Less than 1 years or no operational experience)
Number of Training Days Required if an Intermediate (1-2 Years Operational Experience)Number of training days required if experienced (2+ years operational experience)Test Only Option
*A02 Crawler Crane104 - 51


*A04 Tower Crane - Trolly Jib10511/2
*A04 Tower Crane - Luffing Jib10511/2
*A04 Tower Crane - Trolly Jib & Luffing Jib Combined201011/2
*A06 Truck Mounted Boom Concrete Pump52 - 311/2
A09 Forward Tipping Dumper3211/2
A10 180 Excavator below 5 tonnes74 - 511/2
A12 180 Excavator above 5 tonnes8211/2
A14 Rough Terrain Masted Forklift 3211/2
A16 Industrial Forklift Truck4211/2
A17c Telehandler Forklift52 - 311/2
A17d Telehandler Forklift 52-311/2
A17e Telehandler Suspended Loads 3211/2
*A20 Hoist3211/2
A21 Wheeled Loading Shovel52 - 311/2
A23 Skid Steer Loader52 - 311/2
A25 Mobile Elevating Work Platform - Scissor2111/2
A26 Mobile Elevating Work Platform - Boom2111/2
A31 Ride on Roller3211/2
A33 Agricultural Tractor52 - 311/2
*A34 Crawler Tractor/Dozer83 - 411/2
*A35 Crawler Tractor Side / Boom52 - 311/2
A36 Lorry Loader (Hi-ab)52 - 311/2
*A37 Trencher4-52 - 311/2
A39 Skip Handler42 - 311/2
A40a Slinger / Signaller - All Duties4211/2
*A42 Crusher42 - 311/2
*A43 Screener32 - 311/2
A44 Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump52 - 311/2
A45 Piling Rig Driven Below 20 Tonnes5211/2
A46 Piling Rig Driven Above 20 Tonnes5211/2
A47 Piling Rig Bored Below 20 Tonnes5211/2
A48 Piling Rig Bored Above 20 Tonnes5211/2
A50 Loader Securer STGO 10511/2
*A56 Rear Tipping Articulated Chassis Dumper54 - 511/2
*A57 Rigid Dump Truck52 - 311/2
A58 360 Excavator Below 10t82 - 311/2
A59 360 Excavator Above 10t84 - 511/2
A60 Mobile Crane10511/2
A61 Appointed Person - Lifting Operations5211/2
A62 Lift Supervisor4211/2
*A63 Ped OP Tower Crane - (Now A04D)42 - 311/2
A66 Compact Crane42 - 311/2
A68 Plant Driving2111/2
A73 Plant and Vehicle Marshaller 3211/2
A74 Piling Rig Attendant 3211/2
*D90 Demolition Plant94 - 51


A95 Slinger Signaller Pick and Early Upgrade11/21/21/2
A98 Lifting Ops (360 Excavator) 11/21/21/2

*Only to be completed on a customers site

**All courses are subject to an additional day of theory and practical testing

(*CITP – Construction Industry Training Providers – is a limited company providing commercial training to industry and is in no way connected to CITB – the Construction Industry Training Board – a charity dedicated to industry standards.)