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  • Training for the construction industry

    Skills & Training fund

    Did you know that CITB registered SME employers with up to 99 employees can apply for funding of up to £10,000 to cover the cost of their short duration courses? This includes any Site Safety Plus courses. Employers can submit one claim every 12 months.

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  • Training for the construction industry

    The first phase of the changes being made by CITB will see new standards introduced for the following:

    Excavator 360, above 10 tonnes (tracked), Forward tipping dumper (wheeled), Rear tipping dumper/ dump truck: articulated chassis (all sizes), Ride on Roller, Telescopic handler: all sizes excluding 360 slew, Industrial forklift, Plant and Vehicle Marshaller, Slinger, Signaller: all types, all duties

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  • Training for the construction industry

    CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

    As a CITB Approved Training Organisation, as well as the automatic claims for CPCS courses and NVQ's, we can now claim on your behalf for NPORS and In-house courses. The rates are tiered in the same way the CPCS courses are. For more information give one of our sales team a call on 01189700200 or...

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Why Have Construction Training?

We are passionate about our construction training

Our construction training courses are provided with the safety of employees and employers in mind. The construction industry is a very hazardous place which becomes worse when you have an inexperienced team. We make sure that our construction training provides the necessary skills and experience needed for employees to not only work more effectively, but to also keep themselves and everyone else safe. Within this industry, there are many tools, pieces of equipment and vehicles that can be a potential threat. This is not only to the employees and employers, but to civilians that are in the area. It is of the utmost importance that you invest in construction training to have a skilled and professionally trained workforce.

Over time, more companies are realising the benefits of investing in construction training. There are many reasons why a construction company should look at training their workforce. The safety of the employees and the surrounding civilians is just one of them. Construction training courses, be it CPCS Appointed Person training, Asbestos Awareness training, SSSTS training or any others, ensures the skills and knowledge of the employees is improved. This will make them work more effectively without as many errors; creating a safer and more efficient workplace. The cost of the training will pay for itself in the future. This would be through the increased work rate and efficiency of the employees. A more experienced team both improves safety, but will also ensure that when using the tools or vehicles available; your employees are fully aware of what to do.

Everyone within and outside the construction area is put under risk if there is an under-trained or inexperienced member of staff. They could lose control of a vehicle or piece of equipment which could lead to injuries and damage to the surrounding area. This is why we provide a wide range of training courses to incorporate anything someone would need if they are looking to work in the construction industry. Our construction training encompasses a wide range of courses. Be it CPCS, NPORS, SSSTS, SMSTS or SSP (Site Safety Plus) training; we make sure that you get the training and skills for that part of the industry.

A mistake within this industry can be very costly. This does not necessarily mean money either. A mistake within the construction industry can cost lives. This is why we always suggest that companies should have a full workforce of trained employees. Keeping everyone safe is key, but this does also improve the employee's efficiency. Here at CITP, we provide the necessary construction training courses that provide your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to work within the industry.

Committed to providing a professional construction training service

We employ a team of specialist construction training tutors who have been working in the industry for many years. All of our assessment and training team hold the necessary certifications and qualifications needed to provide companies with professional CPCS, NPORS, Aluminium Scaffold Towers, IPAF and SSP (Site Safety Plus) training solutions. With many construction training courses available, we know there will be something that suits you. Give us a call and speak to one of the experts behind out courses. They will be on hand to provide you with the information you need and go through any of your requirements.

From CPCS 360 excavator and signaller training to a range of other courses, we make sure that there is a course that suits your needs. Our highly skilled tutors ensure that the construction training we provide is of the highest quality. This makes sure that all participants leave the course with the construction skills and experience needed to progress within the industry. Completed in a timely and coordinated manor, our construction training is certain to finish by the specified end date of the course. This ensures that the training is finished on time, but also so that all participants leave with the skills and knowledge they need.

There are many different courses available for anyone that is looking to further their skills in the construction industry. This can be anything from furthering your skills with certain machinery or looking at what it takes to be a manager. Our services range from slinger training to qcf health and safety level 1 courses, how to obtain a CSCS card and excavator training; along with many others. We supply specialist construction training so that companies have a well trained and professional workforce by the end. Our wide range of courses ensure all participants leave with the everything they need to both progress within the industry and keep everyone safe.

We do not only focus on training people on the different vehicles or tools that are used within the industry; health and safety is one key part of our construction training scheme. From health and safety 1 day courses to a variety of other site safety options; we ensure that your workplace is not only efficient, but safe as well. When working in this industry, health and safety is as important, if not more important than efficiency. Employees need to be trained to make sure that they are efficient when working, but also ensure that they are keeping to health and safety regulations. It can be as quick as going through our 1 day health & safety training course so you have further knowledge on how to keep safe in the workplace.

Employer benefits from a trained workforce

As you can already probably tell, there are many benefits to having a well trained workforce. When given training, employees are sure to have a higher efficient work rate and ensure that when working, everyone is kept safe. Also your employees will be up to date with any new technologies that are being used within the industry. An employer should expect to see results from their newly trained workforce. This would be through reduced work time and also the work will be completed to a higher standard. If you are looking for signaller and slinger training or any others; we employ professional tutors that are assured to provide all participants with the very best construction training service.

There is very little room for error within the construction industry.  A professionally trained team are certain to have as many errors, if any, compared to a team without training. With reduced error rates; there is an increased safety as less people are put under risk. We ensure that our construction training services create a professional and efficient working environment. Even if you don't want your employees to be out training for too long, we provide a 1 day health & safety training course along with many others that take no time at all. With these, your workforce will have the construction training they need to not only be efficient, but also to be safe when working.

Our courses encompass everything that a construction company will need. From the use of different vehicles and tools to general health and safety within the workplace. This means that your workforce will have the knowledge necessary to efficiently utilise all of the tools available to them while also following health and safety regulations. With a wide range of courses ranging from SSSTS training, Aluminium Scaffold Tower training and CPCS; you are sure to find the perfect course that fits exactly what you are looking for.

Our specialist tutors provide companies across the UK with construction training solutions that create efficient and safe workforce's. From slinger and signaller to excavator training; we provide the necessary training to match what you are looking for.  Our range of schemes include CPCS Forward Tipping Dumper training, CSCS NVQs, SSSTS training and many others so you are certain to find the course you need.

We provide our range of construction training courses to companies across the UK. Get in contact with us today and speak to the specialists.